Soap Flakes Dispenser Is An Innovative Design!

What do we offer

When we talk about soap bars, most people ignore that how good solid soap can be! According to P&G beauty and Grooming a leading American company in cleaning and personal care goods: "soap bars can be excellent at getting your skin clean. They lather up well, allowing the soap and water to spread across the skin and attach to the dirt and oil, and the ingredients tend to be stronger than those in non-soap bars, so they generally do a better job at removing dirt, oil, makeup and any other impurities". However, people may concerned about self-contamination and harbor of bacteria in soap bar. the good news is that our new invention of "SOAP FLAKES DISPENSER" has a solution for all of those concerns! Following are some advantages of this amazing innovative product:

- No direct contact with sticky wet soap bar.

- Covering the soap bar and preventing from soap contamination due to the environmental factors, bacteria acuired fro previous usage and shared uses or falling on the ground. 

- You can use any saop bar whit any size (there are small tongs allocated in the gadget to be adjusted with different sizes of the soap bars). 

- Easy soap replacement

-Economic usage of soap, particularly for luxury and expensive soaps. your soaps remain clean and will be usable to the end. 

-Enjoying from sanitary advantages of soap rather then washing liquids.

- Beautiful, durable, waterproof, rustproof. 

Who we are

We are retailers. We are enthusiastic about innovative and new products and do our best to choose the best items and gather information from different sources  and make the best offer for our customers. We hope you enjoy from our selections. 

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